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Finance Leader

CFO - VP Finance- Dir Finance, Controller, Treasurer bookkeeper

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KPIs with OpusApps

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How opusApps can Help

Increase Insight and Analytic Capabilities

Implement more robust finance and accounting processes and systems

minimize costs related to creating and distributing reports

Power BI brings all your data together where it can be analyzed with best-in-class tools

Increase Productivity & reduce Costs

Cloud-based ERP drives lower IT costs

Web-based financial consolidations

Intercompany accounting – only post once

Avoid mistakes and time delays by allowing all users to access the system to enter their data and inquire directly

Provide Accurate Auditable financial records

integrate systems to give you a more comprehensive picture of the current state

all companies/entities their own books.  Use intercompany functionality for consolidations

all processes have user security and audit trails

Stay ahead of the Competition

single customer database and broad sales and
customer service functionality to collect key info

seamlessly tracks sales process and results

Finance Focus

Hire & create culture practices to exceed account function and process benchmarks.

Choose systems and deploy associated processes

of annual budgets, capital asset plans, and financial forecasts.

reporting tools and systems to help achieve operational goals

organization by implementing audit controls

Setup and monitor bank lines, equipment loans, real estate loans, and leases

(work leaders) for measuring and managing company-wide financial performance metrics including revenue recognition

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