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Benefits of the Cloud & Security

allows you to build and evolve a cloud strategy that works for you

minimize costs related to downtime and IT staff expenses

several levels of security built into the standard product & Data backup and recovery through AWS

Functional system without extensive IT support

eliminates poor analytics, unsupported/rigid tech, and poorly-integrated


built for the cloud, including the ability to deploy any and all functionality to mobile applications 

Customizable system to unique requirements

set-up options and feature switches allow you to tailor the standard product

built on Microsoft .NET with Visual Studio, is easy to customize

web services allow integration with other software products with OData

Advance Analytics

Integration to Power BI gives you access to the data and tools need to develop deep insight

IT Focus

Drive the revenue and profitability of field service and repair function

Create a world-class experience for existing and new customers.

standardize processes to drive operational efficiencies and optimal customer service

Leverage product usage, performance, and consumption analytics to develop and improve existing service

Implement proactive and preventive technologies to expedite problem resolution.

Work with the heads of operations and sales to institute programs, track KPIs, and drive efficiencies

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