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Advanced Analytics

Product performance reports give you visibility into KPIs and allow for easy drilldown

integration with MS Power BI gives you data visualizations that help you quickly spot trends

Demand Planning and Delivery

Forecast future demand and optimize production schedules to improve satisfaction and reduce costs

Manage standard and custom bills of material, routings, engineering changes, and configurations

Stay ahead of the Competition

Identify business processes that are key to driving innovation

use dashboards to monitor health and process automation to ensure consistency

open architecture allows for easy integration to custom apps on your shop floor

Operations Focus

Ensure company is operating at peak efficiency

Set strategy for the organization, including outsourcing/contract manufacturing, partnerships, material sourcing, etc

Work to ensure quality standards are met and supply levels are maintained to keep manufacturing and financial investments optimized

Hire, train, develop, and evaluate staff.  Build a high performance culture of engagement, participation, teamwork, and accountability.

Support teams in the commercialization of new products and managing projects

Implement industry best practices for measuring and managing company-wide performance metrics 

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