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Sales / Marketing Leader

VP Sales -Dir of Sales - eCommerce Sales

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How opusApps can Help

Operational Excellence

Automatically reflect all web sales in warehouse and fulfillment operations

Coordinate omnichannel sales with store sales (e.g., buy online, pick up in store)


Know true costs of items, including wholesale costs, storage, fulfillment, returns, and transaction costs 

integration with MS Power BI gives you data visualizations that help you quickly spot trends

Identify popular/highest value products by store/region and ensure sufficient inventory for targeted promotions 

Customer Service

Have visibility into online requests to chat, answer questions, resolve issues

Track each customer interaction with your company from first contact through sale and support

Offer the optimal incentives and upsells for each client


Improve customer satisfaction with better insight into the customer buying process

Create accurate sales projections included in the company’s projected revenue and budget

Know where each of your accounts stand at any time, wherever you are

Quickly identify leading / lagging performing sales staff, regions, stores, and products

Sales & Marketing Focus

Develop sales plan and strategy, develop and manage sales team and practices

Responsible for and champion of omnichannel sales (retail and/or eCommerce)

Automate sales from website to financials as much as possible

Manage all in-store inventory and pricing

Manage online product catalog and ensure online fulfillment is executed accurately and quickly.  Manage the buying experience

timely reports for the POS platform, eCommerce site(s), and merchandising software

Resolve issues between sales systems and ERP.

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