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Supply Chain Leader

VP Supply Chain - VP Distribution - COO

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Operational Excellence

no per user cost, gives visibility and employers them to improve

Implement WMS using mobile devices with easy interface

reduce errors and improve accuracy

automate processes and notices through highly configurable workflows

Advanced Analytics

give you visibility into KPIs and allow for easy drilldown

integration with MS Power BI gives you data visualizations that help you quickly spot trends

easily integrate other systems to give you a more views of the current state

demand planning and Delivery

Forecasting demand improves satisfaction (with available product), while reducing inventory costs.

Keep your delivery schedules tight to improve customer satisfaction

Stay ahead of the Competition

Identify business processes that are key to driving innovation,

dashboards help to monitor the health and process automation to ensure consistency

Meet advanced distribution center requirements from major customers with automation setup

Expand into kitting, packaging and other lite manufacturing capabilities

Distribution Focus

 manage inventory, distribution, logistics, and operational processes.

Ensure company is operating at peak efficiency

Set strategy for the organization, including outsourcing, 3PLs, 4PLs, partnerships

Work to ensure quality standards are met and supply levels are maintained to keep inventory optimized

Hire, train, develop, and evaluate staff.  Build a high performance culture promoting engagement, participation, teamwork, and accountability

Support teams in new products and lines as well as managing large projects

implement industry best practices such as continuous improvement.

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