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Consulting Services

Digital and Emerging Technologies

The future is now. Advanced technologies and protocols are enabling businesses to achieve better outcomes faster, as humans with machines and data with actions are empowered through artificial intelligence, automation, and cloud technologies. We help businesses harness the “power of with” to identify unique advantages.


Future of Work

Despite the superheated emphasis on technology today, human capital remains one of the most important—and challenging—assets to manage. Organizations that continue to approach HR in a siloed, linear way often struggle as the workplace evolves into a social enterprise and workers become an even greater force for change. As the future of work unfolds, managing people effectively often requires active listening, responding, collaborating, engaging externally, and integrating digital and machine technologies.

Management & Strategy

Our strategy consulting team implements proven methodologies with life sciences, consumer products, and retail companies that transform their business, drive growth and facilitate breakthrough ideas for innovation

Information Technology

Technology is key to the future and IT is no longer a support function.  Opus Management will guide your company to set your IT strategy and prepare your organization to adopt new technologies


Since 1994, we have worked with global companies to implement some of the most complex process and technology solutions.  Our ERP consulting teams stand ready to support your digital transformation.

Quality and Regulatory

Our team enables quality and regulatory excellence by combining our practical industry experience with an automized set of services.

Supply Chain

We understand that the pressure for supply chain efficiency, agility, and traceability are increasing and our services are designed to help you meet these demands.

Sales and Marketing

Creating Genius -Branding, Creative & development. Let us ignite the FUSE (Focus, Unique, Smart & Effective) Our sales and marketing consulting practice will help you develop and execute your business strategy to grow faster than the market with our collection of actionable service offerings.

Program and Change Management

 Opus Management’s program management and change management capabilities, combined with our organizational health and efficiency consulting and our consideration for diversity and inclusion and corporate social responsibility imperatives enable our consultants to assist in the changes you wish to see in your business.

Data and Analytics

Our data and analytics team guides our clients to action by providing strategy, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation tools to drive your company to discover new opportunities.


Opus Management works with clients to identify and connect the value of training to the individual, the role, and to the organization—done so by using different modalities of learning (face-to-face, virtual, action-based learning, and more) to create an engaging and effective learning experience in a sustainable model.

Accounting Services

Opus Management’s accounting services help keep your business going. Our service can include consulting, preparing, filing and/or reporting on the accounting specifics of your business.
We specialize in providing all accounting needs and services for small businesses. This includes small business bookkeeping services. Our small business accounting solutions are performed by individuals with decades of combined accounting experience, and we use the most up to date accounting software. Our accounting services help our small business clients cut costs, save time, and improve profits. Our accounting team practices a very ethical accounting system that is proven to help small businesses grow.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The goal of our CFO services for small businesses is to make sure you are profitable, as possible. Our CFOs help with budgeting, forecasting, cash flow management, financial analysis, and business decisions. Our CFO services help small businesses make forward-thinking financial decisions.


Our professional bookkeeping services help you produce useful reports to make decisions. Our services includes financial reporting, data entry, record keeping, reconciliations and reporting. Your accounts payable and accounts receivables are also included.

Accounting & Internal Controls

Our accounting and internal controls professionals work alongside you to provide assistance on compliance, advise on critical business issues, and not only anticipate but navigate through each risk and opportunity. We don’t just help prepare you for financial events; we can help you anticipate what you’ll likely face by applying continuous rigor in both governance and process.

Leadership Development Training

Opus Management works with clients to identify and connect the value of training to the individual, the role, and to the organization—done so by using different modalities of learning (face-to-face, virtual, action-based learning, and more) to create an engaging and effective learning experience in a sustainable model.
Transform how your team thinks—We work with your team to identify the specific business objectives impacted by corporate training and track its progress throughout the learning experience and thereafter.  We understand that different organizations and individuals respond to varying learning approaches, hence, we make the effort to understand and tailor the strategies and methods to the unique needs of your learners.

Leadership Experience

A program designed to promote and accelerate the growth of your professionals who are currently demonstrating the highest leadership potential. This blended learning program includes participant-led discussions, expert lectures, external training, self-study, and action-based learning activities.

Managing People & Projects

A 3-day course on people and project management. This program includes coaching on leadership while managing different personality styles, leading cross-functional teams, relationship development, controlling scope, risk, issue management, and more.

Facilitating Effective Workshops

A 1-day course on the approach of designing effective meetings and workshops and enhancing core facilitation skills and the ability to manage conflicts.

Business Process Analysis

A 1-day course on mapping business processes, assess the quality of those processes, and identifying areas for improvement.

Strategic Thinking

A 1-day course on Opus Management innovation framework to help teams identify strategic innovation challenges, uncover breakthrough ideas and prime the organization to succeed.

Digital Marketing

We are a passionate team of digital experts and designers who believe in honest collaboration with our clients.  We serve global brands, high potential start-ups, and companies seeking growth.  We offer full design to development, all with an understanding of products, target, analytics. Our distinguishing factor is we adapt with our clients needs to best deliver the results.  Our designers are fluent in content management systems and know the nuances of how different design elements will integrate. We have talented consultants that understand the responsive design ecosystem. This allows us to fully support your needs, whether you have an in-house design team or not.

Graphic Design​​

Social Media​​


Graphic Design


Digital Strategy

Web Design​

Content Marketing​


Every business needs a few fundamentals:  email, an office suite, a place to store files, a way to share them, and organize them.  What you do doesn’t matter, but how you do it can make all the difference.  Choose the tools that are right for you.


Get your hands on the good stuff. We bring you business-critical solutions backed by our reliable infrastructure.  Work with Opus Management a trusted cloud solutions provider dedicated to your success. Get the services and support you need to grow your managed services offering and add value to your customers.


Business Communication Platform

Solution for businesses that need full remote work and collaboration tools including Microsoft Teams, secure cloud storage, business email, and premium Office applications across devices.

Email Security

Office Protect is a service that’s designed to help you secure your Microsoft 365 tenant. We actively monitor for threats, investigate alerts, eliminate false positives, and provide response and remediation. 

Work From Anywhere

With Google Workspace, you can work smarter and more collaboratively without opening a new tab. Google’s suite of apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Meet are combined into a single space. Connect on a deeper level for a more unified experience.


Bitdefender acting as the backbone for more than 38% of the world’s security solutions. Its sheer coverage means Bitdefender has an incredible number of sensors that constantly detect and fight against nearly every cybersecurity threat in the world -- both old and new!

Work From Anywhere

Empower your team, safeguard your business, and simplify IT management with a single solution, purpose-built for your business.

Online Backup

Acronis keeps your data safe and your business up and running. Find out how it lets you store and access important company data anywhere, anytime while maintaining safety and compliance.

Cloud Connect Backup

Get physical and virtual backups off site to the cloud without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a cloud infrastructure. Veeam Cloud Connect Backup provides a fully integrated, fast, and secure way to back up your data to a service provider's cloud repository.

Email Protection

Proofpoint email protection gives businesses an extra layer of cyber security. Use it to safeguard your email from spam, phishing and malware while simultaneously helping to ensure compliance and business continuity.

Microsoft power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps accelerate app development with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop simplicity that extend app capabilities without limits with customizable components when you need them.

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