Tim McKee

Chief Executive Officer

Tim serves as the CEO for Opus Management. Tim officially joined the leadership team at Opus in 2000 after working as an accounting software consultant for more than 26 years. Tim is not only responsible for overseeing the operation of the company, Tim loves working directly with clients and assisting them with their needs and challenges.


Tim attended National University in Sacramento with a degree in Accounting. His focus at the time was to become a managerial accountant. Working in accounting at CarTel Cellular in Sacramento, he became familiar with the Sage/MAS90 accounting system. After CarTel was sold to another firm, Tim went to work for a Sage/MAS90 consulting firm, in which he worked for 4 years. In 2000, Tim formed his own consulting practice which he continues to own and operate to this day. During his time as a consultant, Tim worked with many different companies and many different industries which gives him a broad base of business knowledge.

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • Acumatica POE

education background

  • National University, Sacramento, California

Professional Experience

  • Sage/MAS90
  • Accounting Consultant
  • CarTel Cellular