Owen Brewer

Chief Executive Officer

Owen serves as the Information Technology Consultant for Opus Management. Owen officially joined the team at Opus in 2022.

He is kickstarting his IT career through Opus and working towards a degree in Computer Science at Tiffin University. Being new to the consulting career, Owen has prepared for the flexible role through a diverse major program. Owen quickly picked up the consultant role by taking business management and financing classes. His Computer Science concentrations are Networking Systems Administration and Project Management.

He began his IT career early in high school by taking classes with Vanguard Technology Center in Fremont, Ohio. Owen enrolled in Digital Media Technologies, where he took many introductory courses to the IT field with CompTIA certifications, Introduction to Networking, Video Production, and Video Game Development. Owen served on the SkillsUSA local officer team as their Vice President while competing in their statewide competitions. In 2018 Owen did Video Production, and in 2019 Video Game Development and Production at the state level. He won at the state level in 2019 for Video Game Development and placed 6th in the nation at SkillsUSA nationals.

After high school, Owen quickly took up a major in Computer Science at Tiffin University. He has been taking classes in a wide range of skills, such as programming in Python and C#, IT Project Management, Access Database, Linux Desktop, CISCO Networking, Cloud Technology, and much more. He served on the ACM Computer Club as the Treasurer and was hired as a Resident Associate to help assist students on campus. While still doing college Owen worked at the IT Help Desk on campus and was later hired as Service Technologist at Tiffin Columbian School District. Now Owen works with Opus Management while expecting to graduate in December.

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

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education background

  • Tiffin University Tiffin, OH

Professional Experience

  • Project Management
  • Information Technology
  • Networking